US National Security Issues Revealed in Dirty Wars Movie

Drone Strikes

The title stands for the right facts revealed in the documentary movies. It records a non formal investigation on several countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, and other countries intervened by the US. Across the entire stories and facts, there are several main issues that seem to be found. They all include:

Drone Strikes
The US military seems to release a strike using drone to a particular person, Anwar al-Awkali. He was accused as the motivator and senior recruiter of Al-Qaeda who is suspected behind the 9/11 attack. By proxy, Anwar al-Awkali is considered part of the attack. Rumor has it that he was also part of the 9/11 tragedy.

The US army in the location was then ordered to kill Anwar and it is done using the drones. This action is considered unjust and brutal, especially when a person doesn’t get a trial first for what he was said to be committed.

Extra Judicial Assassinations
According to the investigation movie, there are numbers of assassinations done by the US. Every murder was claimed to be with very good reasons, and was closely related to the 9/11 attack. The truth isn’t yet confirmed. However, why they did it isn’t the problem.

It seems like the US believed they have the right to conduct such assassination with national security excuses out of their own judicial rights. Yemen, Afghanistan, and those other countries aren’t exactly part of the US, so such action is totally illegal. It can be an act of terror as well.

The Kill Target List
The most disturbing thing is that the US administration had the list of the targeted person. They compose a list containing several names of people in those countries, who were suspected to be part of 9/11 attack or closely attached to Al-Qaeda.

Imagining how a list of kill can be drafted is already disturbing. Leave alone how these people were then really executed. The fact that the US thought they have the right to just target some people and kill them violate so many laws, and by then, wrong in so many ways.

These issues aren’t acceptable. When the movie was released and got positive responses from public, these issues become serious concern. Obama government during the time was considered responsible for this act and these issues should be investigated even deeper. Even though it raised from real event, the real reasons and facts are still ambiguous so those acts aren’t the right thing to do.

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