The Interesting Things about Dirty Wars

The Interesting Things about Dirty Wars

Do you look for an impressive movie to suit your free time? If you do, it is so much recommended for you to watch Dirty Wars. This wonderful film, which is directed by Richard Rowley, was released on January 18th, 2013 at the Sundance Film Festival. Then, this movie has been accompanied by a book ôDirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefieldö by Jeremy Scahill. This particular fact will give you the chance the facts behind the wars in the deeper way for sure. Aside of that, there are some other interesting things that you can find out when you watch this film. Then, what are those interesting things? So, letÆs figure them out below.

Well, the first interesting thing about Dirty Wars is that the scenario of the film is written by Jeremy Scahill and David Riker. It means that Scahill has written both of the film scenario and the book which were released in the same year. Each of them is made based on the real investigations done by Jeremy Scahill himself. So then, you will definitely find that the film can be so as authentic as what you read on the book. Then, every single detailed things of the story will be created to be transformed to the scenes in the best way possible without ruining the whole story at all.

Furthermore, the second thing that you have to know about the film is will allow you to find out so many various issues of the military and government of the United States of America. One of them that will open your eyes is a specific case where the American soldiers killed three not guilty civilians and two pregnant women in Afghanistan. Yet, it was very strange because those soldiers are free from any sentences after they had done a terrible mistake. Then, this one fact makes Scahill get more attracted to investigate this case as both of the government and the military of the United States really want to cover it from the media.

Not only that, there was a Yemeni journalist named Abdulelah Haider Shaye who got caught after reporting the American Drone Strikes. Most of the American sites believe that what he did is a kind of terrorism related charge which can be dangerous for the people. Additionally, according Scahill, all of those cases will only increase the radicalism of the Muslims and terrors instead of solving it. Moreover, this fabulous film has received so many notable positive critics from many trusted sources such as IMBd, Metacritic, and so many other film lovers and experts. They even stated that this film is a kind of remarkable documentary film which created with tremendous courage for sure.

After putting all together, those are some interesting things that you can get when you watch Dirty Wars. This film will definitely offer you the different views of what happened during the war done by the American government and military. So then, it is so clear that this film will be the perfect film especially for those who really want to see the truth during the wars.

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