Five Interesting Facts about The Dirty Wars Film

Five Interesting Facts about The Dirty Wars Film

Are you interested in the war history film documentary? If the answer is yes, then Dirty Wars film could be a film that is perfect for you to watch this weekend. Even though the film was released in 2013 but it contains lots of facts about the war between the U.S and other conflict countries.

The Film Review
The Film told about the investigation during the U.S Military Invasion to countries that were related to terrorism. It reveals some facts about the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) nights raid that killed two pregnant women and three not-guilty civilians and the case about Yemeni journalist who got caught and sentenced to five years of prison because of his report regarding the U.S strike.

The Book and Film was Released on the Same Year
The book with the same title “Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield” was released four months after the film premiere in January 2013 on the Sundance Film Festival. Even though the film was released first, but this film was based on the book with the same author and producer, Jeremy Scahill. Later, the film was shown in four theatres in the U.S.
The Writer and Director Went Directly to the Conflict Countries

The film was based on the investigation report from Jeremy Scahill, an American journalist who went to the conflict countries with Director Richard Rowley in 2010. They went to Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and any other countries that were being invaded by U.S Military due to the War on Terror.

The Producer and Screenplay Writer, Jeremy Scahill didn’t Finish His Study in College
It is not a surprise for that Jeremy Scahill became one the well-known journalist in the U.S. But most people may don’t know that he decided to drop out in college and spent several years working in home shelters. He started his career in journalism when he joined the Pacifica Radio as the intern which later, he became the senior producer.

It Received Positive Critics
This film received 84% from 69 critics reviewers and 74% from the audience score. From IMBd, this film got 7.5 of 10 points taken from 8,500 viewers. Metacritic gave a score 76 out of 100 based on 18 reviews.

The Dirty Wars is acclaimed as the documentary film that needs an extraordinary courage in the filmmaking. The Dirty Wars is recommended for those who want to know about the wars happened in the countries related to the War on Terror.

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