Dirty Wars: A Documentary Film about The Other Side of U.S War

Dirty Wars A Documentary Film

Dirty Wars is an American documentary film which based on the book with the same title “Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield. This Movie tells about the other side of the U.S interference to countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.

The Other Side of Story about JSOC
Jeremy Scahill is a journalist who tried to bring up the dark side about the U.S War to the countries that were defined by the U.S. as the War on Terror. The War on Terror or also called the Global War on Terrorism occurred after the Terrorist Attack in the U.S on 11 September 2001.

Scahill travelled to countries that were listed as the War on Terror Country that had been attacked by U.S Military. He investigates The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) which killed five citizens including two were pregnant women in Afghanistan.

Scahill continued his travel to other countries that were being intervened by JSOC. He also made several interviews with people who supported this intervention and those who were against it. He also revealed some facts about the death of Anwar al-Awlaki. Anwar al- Awlaki was an American-Yemeni who was accused of being involved in Al-Qaeda terrorist operation planning.

He was killed by the U.S drone strike which was ordered by President Obama. His son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was being murdered two weeks later by the U.S drone strike as well.

The Threat to Journalism Freedom in Yemen
Scahill also investigates about a Yemeni journalist, Abdulelah Haider Shaye. Shaye is famous for the several interviews he made with Al-Qaeda leaders. He is also well known for his report in 2009 about U.S. missile strike. In 2011, Shaye was detained for 34 days in Yemen because of his report about the U.S. drone strikes.

He was tried, convicted and sentenced for five years because of the terrorism-related case. Scahill mentioned that Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was trying to release Shaye but it was withdrawn afterPresident Obama called him. Scahill’s opinion that one of the reasons for this withdrawn because the U.S gave funding for Yemen’s counter-terrorism.

This Documentary Film was being praised by several movie critics and received several nominations such as Academy Awards in 2014 and won Boston Independent Film Festival as Documentary Movie in 2013 and Most Valuable Documentary of the Year Winner from Cinema for Peace Awards in 2014. Dirty Wars is another side of story about War on Terror against the major stories that people have known.

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