Dirty Wars: Why Is It a Great Movie to Watch?

Dirty Wars is one of the most recommended movies that you have to watch. One of the reasons why you have to watch this particular movie is because it can offer you the real story that happened during the wars done by the military and government of the United States of America. Then, you can also find out the various issues and facts that might be covered by some the US government. Then, you will find that it can really open your eyes and make you have the different and true thoughts related to the wars on terrorism. Aside of that, there are several things that you have to consider why it can be a very great movie for you to watch. So, let’s keep reading below to figure them out.

Well, one of the things that make Dirty Wars a very nice movie to watch is that it is created based on the real report of Jeremy Scahill who traveled to the conflict countries such as Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, and so many more. He wrote every single detailed things that he experienced during the travel on the book, and then he also tried to bring it when wrote the scenario of the movie. By doing, so, all of the production crew and he can deliver the story of the movie in the most authentic way. In the end, you will feel the more fun and remarkable experiences when you watch the movie. Moreover, the second thing about this movie that you have to know is that it will show you the dark side of the wars quite clearly.

It can be proven when Scahill tries to investigate the wrong things that happened after five civilians in Afghanistan got killed by the American soldiers from Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Even, he also tries to interview all the possible sources and sides that get related to the judi bola issues, which can be from the survivals to the Senator of United States of America called Ron Wyden. Actually, there are some other issues that he really wants to find out and solve in this movie. Fortunately, you can watch all of his best efforts when you enjoy the movie for sure. Furthermore, the next thing that you cannot ignore is the awards that it has been received. This specific documentary movie has been acknowledged as one of the most amazing movies that show the notable courage by many movie critics. Besides, there are numerous movie reviewer sites, which are like Metacritic, IMBd, and so on, that give the positive reactions. In addition, this movie got nominated for the Academy Awards in 2014 for the Best Documentary.

In conclusion, those are some reasons why Dirty Wars can be a very great movie that you cannot miss at all. This magnificent movie will definitely make you have the new thoughts that the wars on terrorism is absolutely different from what you see on television all this time. Thus, you can see the truth that the wars might not solve any problems as it can make everything worse instead.

Why Do You Have to Watch Dirty Wars?

Dirty Wars can be one of the perfect options that you can choose especially if you really want to watch distinctive documentary movie. This remarkable movie will show the interesting story when an American journalist called Jeremy Scahill had his journey to the conflict countries such as Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and so many more. He really wanted to find out the truth behind the US wars in those countries. So then, you will see that there are so many various issues during the wars that he will expose to the world. Besides, there are several other reasons why you have to watch this movie. Luckily, you can figure them out when you continue reading below.

Well, the first reason why you have to watch Dirty Wars is because it is a kind of the best documentary movie that is created to be as real as what really happened on the battlefield. Even, there is a book “Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield” that will accompany the movie as they were released in the same year of 2013. So then, you can check every single detailed thing in the movie when you read the book which is written by the journalist. So, you will definitely find that this movie can be so authentic for everyone who watches it. Furthermore, the second thing why this movie is worthy for you and https://citibet88.club players to watch is it will allow you to find out the other side of the wars as the part of the United States’ War on Terrorism. In the other words, you will find that there are so many truths that the military and the government of the United States always try to hide all this time. Then, there are also so many issues that happened during the wars, which can be like the American soldiers from Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) who are free from the sentence after killed five not guilty civilians, the threats to the journalists in Yemen, and so on. In this part of the movie, you will see that Scahill will try his best in order to investigate all of the issues. So then, he can make you find the facts that you have never expected before.

In addition to this, Dirty Wars has been recognized by so many movie critics as one of the best documentary movies ever created in the industry. It is all because this movie can show the historical and politic aspect in the name of art awesomely. Even, there are also so many movie reviewer sites that gave their positive perspective and opinions to the movie. You can prove it as the movie got 7.5 point of 10 from IMBd, and also got 76 out of 100 from Metacritic. Next, it was actually won so many international film festivals and got nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Documentary category as well. So, it is so obvious that it is a very good movie that you have to add to your list of the best movies to watch.

The Interesting Things about Dirty Wars

Do you look for an impressive movie to suit your free time? If you do, it is so much recommended for you to watch Dirty Wars. This wonderful film, which is directed by Richard Rowley, was released on January 18th, 2013 at the Sundance Film Festival. Then, this movie has been accompanied by a book ôDirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefieldö by Jeremy Scahill. This particular fact will give you the chance the facts behind the wars in the deeper way for sure. Aside of that, there are some other interesting things that you can find out when you watch this film. Then, what are those interesting things? So, letÆs figure them out below.

Well, the first interesting thing about Dirty Wars is that the scenario of the film is written by Jeremy Scahill and David Riker. It means that Scahill has written both of the film scenario and the book which were released in the same year. Each of them is made based on the real investigations done by Jeremy Scahill himself. So then, you will definitely find that the film can be so as authentic as what you read on the book. Then, every single detailed things of the story will be created to be transformed to the scenes in the best way possible without ruining the whole story at all.

Furthermore, the second thing that you have to know about the film is will allow you to find out so many various issues of the military and government of the United States of America. One of them that will open your eyes is a specific case where the American soldiers killed three not guilty civilians and two pregnant women in Afghanistan. Yet, it was very strange because those soldiers are free from any sentences after they had done a terrible mistake. Then, this one fact makes Scahill get more attracted to investigate this case as both of the government and the military of the United States really want to cover it from the media.

Not only that, there was a Yemeni journalist named Abdulelah Haider Shaye who got caught after reporting the American Drone Strikes. Most of the American sites believe that what he did is a kind of terrorism related charge which can be dangerous for the people. Additionally, according Scahill, all of those cases will only increase the radicalism of the Muslims and terrors instead of solving it. Moreover, this fabulous film has received so many notable positive critics from many trusted sources such as IMBd, Metacritic, and so many other film lovers and https://homebetqq.com experts. They even stated that this film is a kind of remarkable documentary film which created with tremendous courage for sure.

After putting all together, those are some interesting things that you can get when you watch Dirty Wars. This film will definitely offer you the different views of what happened during the war done by the American government and military. So then, it is so clear that this film will be the perfect film especially for those who really want to see the truth during the wars.

Dirty Wars: The Overview

Dirty Wars is such a very great film that that you have to watch as it was been released on January 18, 2013 in the United States of America. This awesome film, which is directed by Richard Rowley, was actually created based on the book called Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield by Jeremy Scahill. Then, this particular film will definitely give you the unpredictable facts related to the dirty wars by the government and the military of the United States has been doing all this time. So then, you can reveal the truth that they have been hiding for many years. Simply, it will open your eyes so that you can see what is really happening during the wars.

Well, the story of Dirty Wars is actually about the travel of Jeremy Scahill to the conflicting countries where the United States sends their military to, such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and so many more. Then, he surprisingly finds some interesting facts during his travel to those countries that really attract his attention. One of them is about a specific case which causes five citizens including two pregnant women of Afghanistan got killed by the soldiers from Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

He really wants to find out the facts about that incident by investigating the government and the military of the United States. Yet, it seems like they always try their best to cover every single facts from the people. In the simple words, the investigation does not really work as well as Scahill expects. So then, he goes to the other site of JSOC in order to get the info that he was looking for. He interviews the opponents, survivors, and even the Senator of the United States Ron Wyden. Aside of that Scahill also tries to investigate the assassinations of the father and son American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki and Abdulrahman al-Awlaki.

He even has the chance to meet their family in Yemen in order to figure some things out. Furthermore, he also discusses about the detained and sentenced Yemeni journalist named Abdulelah Haider Shaye on terrorism related charges. He gets this kind of injustice treatments after he reported the American drone strikes. Thus, after finding the truth piece by piece, Scahill realizes that the wars by the American military are actually a real big mistake to do. It will never be a solution that can solve the problem of terrorism because it will only spread hate and sorrow. In the other words, it can even make the radicalism of Muslims and terrorism get worse and worse.

After putting it all together, Dirty Wars will be a nice film that tells you the historical and the political sides of the wars in the more artistic point of view. It means that the makers of the film just want to share the ideas and the thoughts that Jeremy Scahill gets while he is searching for the truth in the conflicting countries. So, the people who watch the film can definitely have the fresh and different views related to the wars.

Dirty Wars: A Documentary Film about The Other Side of U.S War

Dirty Wars is an American documentary film which based on the book with the same title “Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield. This Movie tells about the other side of the U.S interference to countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.

The Other Side of Story about JSOC
Jeremy Scahill is a journalist who tried to bring up the dark side about the U.S War to the countries that were defined by the U.S. as the War on Terror. The War on Terror or also called the Global War on Terrorism occurred after the Terrorist Attack in the U.S on 11 September 2001.

Scahill travelled to countries that were listed as the War on Terror Country that had been attacked by U.S Military. He investigates The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) which killed five citizens including two were pregnant women in Afghanistan.

Scahill continued his travel to other countries that were being intervened by JSOC. He also made several interviews with people who supported this intervention and those who were against it. He also revealed some facts about the death of Anwar al-Awlaki. Anwar al- Awlaki was an American-Yemeni who was accused of being involved in Al-Qaeda terrorist operation planning.

He was killed by the U.S drone strike which was ordered by President Obama. His son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was being murdered two weeks later by the U.S drone strike as well.

The Threat to Journalism Freedom in Yemen
Scahill also investigates about a Yemeni journalist, Abdulelah Haider Shaye. Shaye is famous for the several interviews he made with Al-Qaeda leaders. He is also well known for his report in 2009 about U.S. missile strike. In 2011, Shaye was detained for 34 days in Yemen because of his report about the U.S. drone strikes.

He was tried, convicted and sentenced for five years because of the terrorism-related case. Scahill mentioned that Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was trying to release Shaye but it was withdrawn afterPresident Obama called him. Scahill’s opinion that one of the reasons for this withdrawn because the U.S gave funding for Yemen’s counter-terrorism.

This Documentary Film was being praised by several movie critics and received several nominations such as Academy Awards in 2014 and won Boston Independent Film Festival as Documentary Movie in 2013 and Most Valuable Documentary of the Year Winner from Cinema for Peace Awards in 2014. Dirty Wars is another side of story about War on Terror against the major stories that people have known.

Dirty Wars: Is it Worth to Watch?

When it comes to the documentary film, Dirty Wars is one of the recommended films to watch. The film was based on a book written by Jeremy Scahill ôThe Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefieldö. Is the film worth to watch? These are some information about the film that could help your decision.

It Was a Non-Budget Film
The documentary was being filmed in conflict countries such as Afghanistan and Yemen. Jeremy Scahill who is an American Journalist produced and narrated this film. When Jeremy Scahill and the director of this film Richard Rowley travelled to Afghanistan, they used the money from the people that support this investigation report. After one week of the film was released, it got the gross profit around US$ 66,000.

The Film Shows the Dark Side of the War
After the terrorist attack in the United States in September 2001 by Al-Qaeda, The United States invaded Afghanistan to fight against Al-Qaeda. Later, the intervention war expands to other countries. In 2010, Scahill travelled to countries to investigate the military attack that killed five civilians and the controversy assassinations in Yemen of Anwar al-Awlaki the U.S citizen who was said being involved in Al-Qaeda.

Scahill exposed some decisions that made by President Obama related to the war including his influence on Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh decision about Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye who was being sentenced 5 years prison due to his report of U.S. missile strike.

The Critics and Awards Reception
Dirty Wars gets good reviews from several movie critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave 85% score, The Internet Movie Database gave 7.5 points from 6000 votes for this movie and Metacritic gave the scores of 76.

The film was being nominated for Academy Awards in 2014 as the Best Documentary but lost to 20 Feet from Stardom Film. The Film has achieved several awards such as the winner of Documentary Movie in Boston Independent Film Festival in 2013, the winner of Fact Award from CPH: DOX in 2013.

It also got the award from Cinema for Peace Awards for Most Valuable Documentary of the Year category in 2014 and The Golden Rock Documentary Award from Little Rock Film Festival in 2013.

From the total profit of this film, the other side revelation and the good critics from https://bengkelbola88.net and awards received proves that the hard work of Scahill and Rowley was paid off. The Dirty Wars is definitely a worth-to-watch film about the U.S Military intervention.

US National Security Issues Revealed in Dirty Wars Movie

The title stands for the right facts revealed in the documentary movies. It records a non formal investigation on several countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, and other countries intervened by the US. Across the entire stories and facts, there are several main issues that seem to be found. They all include:

Drone Strikes
The US military seems to release a strike using drone to a particular person, Anwar al-Awkali. He was accused as the motivator and senior recruiter of Al-Qaeda who is suspected behind the 9/11 attack. By proxy, Anwar al-Awkali is considered part of the attack. Rumor has it that he was also part of the 9/11 tragedy.

The US army in the location was then ordered to kill Anwar and it is done using the drones. This action is considered unjust and brutal, especially when a person doesn’t get a trial first for what he was said to be committed.

Extra Judicial Assassinations
According to the investigation movie, there are numbers of assassinations done by the US. Every murder was claimed to be with very good reasons, and was closely related to the 9/11 attack. The truth isn’t yet confirmed. However, why they did it isn’t the problem.

It seems like the US believed they have the right to conduct such assassination with national security excuses out of their own judicial rights. Yemen, Afghanistan, and those other countries aren’t exactly part of the US, so such action is totally illegal. It can be an act of terror as well.

The Kill Target List
The most disturbing thing is that the US administration had the list of the targeted person. They compose a list containing several names of people in those countries, who were suspected to be part of 9/11 attack or closely attached to Al-Qaeda.

Imagining how a list of kill can be drafted is already disturbing. Leave alone how these people were then really executed. The fact that the US thought they have the right to just target some people and kill them violate so many laws, and by then, wrong in so many ways.

These issues aren’t acceptable. When the movie was released and got positive responses from public, these issues become serious concern. Obama government during the time was considered responsible for this act and these issues should be investigated even deeper. Even though it raised from real event, the real reasons and facts are still ambiguous so those acts aren’t the right thing to do.

Five Interesting Facts about The Dirty Wars Film

Are you interested in the war history film documentary? If the answer is yes, then Dirty Wars film could be a film that is perfect for you to watch this weekend. Even though the film was released in 2013 but it contains lots of facts about the war between the U.S and other conflict countries.

The Film Review
The Film told about the investigation during the U.S Military Invasion to countries that were related to terrorism. It reveals some facts about the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) nights raid that killed two pregnant women and three not-guilty civilians and the case about Yemeni journalist who got caught and sentenced to five years of prison because of his report regarding the U.S strike.

The Book and Film was Released on the Same Year
The book with the same title “Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield” was released four months after the film premiere in January 2013 on the Sundance Film Festival. Even though the film was released first, but this film was based on the book with the same author and producer, Jeremy Scahill. Later, the film was shown in four theatres in the U.S.
The Writer and Director Went Directly to the Conflict Countries

The film was based on the investigation report from Jeremy Scahill, an American journalist who went to the conflict countries with Director Richard Rowley in 2010. They went to Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and any other countries that were being invaded by U.S Military due to the War on Terror.

The Producer and Screenplay Writer, Jeremy Scahill didn’t Finish His Study in College
It is not a surprise for that Jeremy Scahill became one the well-known journalist in the U.S. But most people may don’t know that he decided to drop out in college and spent several years working in home shelters. He started his career in journalism when he joined the Pacifica Radio as the intern which later, he became the senior producer.

It Received Positive Critics
This film received 84% from 69 critics reviewers and 74% from the audience score. From IMBd, this film got 7.5 of 10 points taken from 8,500 viewers. Metacritic gave a score 76 out of 100 based on 18 reviews.

The Dirty Wars is acclaimed as the documentary film that needs an extraordinary courage in the filmmaking. The Dirty Wars is recommended for those who want to know about the wars happened in the countries related to the War on Terror.

Who is Jeremy Scahill, The Man Behind the Dirty Wars Film

Dirty Wars became one of the most talks about documentary films that gave the ugly truth about the U.S. wars against the countries that were related with the terrorist attacks which started in the U.S on 2001 that was famous as September 11 attacks or 9/11 attacks. Jeremy Scahill is the man who wrote the book which then being made as the movie.

His Early life
Jeremy Scahill was born on 18 October 1974. He was born in Chicago and was raised in Wisconsin. He decided to quit studying in the college and did few works in homeless shelters on the East Coast. His first career was an intern in the news program called ôDemocracy Now!ö in the Pacifica Radio.

In 1998, he travelled to Iraq and reported about the war and the impact of the war on the Iraq economy. When he worked as the journalist of The Nation magazine, he travelled to some countries that were being attacked by the U.S Military due to the War on Terror such as Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia

The Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield Book
The book was published on April 23, 2013, by Nation Books. The book tells about the surprising facts about how President Obama continues the former president BushÆs doctrine about the War on Terror and. Obama was believed to give the order of drone strikes.

The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) was being praised as the national hero after the death of Osama Bin Laden continued to do their secret operations and killed suspected terrorists and one of them that was being mentioned by Scahill was Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16 years old son Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awkali who were U.S citizens. They were killed because of the drone strikes.

The Dirty Wars Film
Later the book was made into the documentary film which was directed by Richard Rowley. Jeremy Scahill wrote the screenplay with David Riker. Scahill travelled to Afghanistan in 2010 with Richard Rowley. They came to investigate the case of JSOCÆs secret operations in Afghanistan. The travelling continued to other countries such as Yemen and Somalia. This film was being produced and narrated by Scahill.

The premiere of this film was on January 2013 during Sundance Film Festival and later was released on June 2013 in Washington DC, New York City and Los Angeles theatres. The film was being nominated in 2014 academy awards and being praised positively by several movie critics thanks to Jeremy Scahill who gave the viewers the dark side of the war.